[Album] 梶浦由記 (Yuki Kajiura) – 劇場版「Fate/stay night [Heaven’s Feel]」Original Soundtrack Another Edition (2024/FLAC/RAR)



[Album] 梶浦由記 (Yuki Kajiura) – 劇場版「Fate/stay night [Heaven’s Feel]」Original Soundtrack Another Edition (2024/FLAC/RAR)
Released: 2024.03.27
Bitrate: FLAC


1-01. and she came to me
1-02. calm and quiet days
1-03. cherries are falling
1-04. calm days, passing by
1-05. wounded past
1-06. foreboding
1-07. open the curtains
1-08. the flower will bloom
1-09. scar of the war
1-10. the decision to fight
1-11. overpowered
1-12. in the maze
1-13. she is the Saber
1-14. and he vanished
1-15. his war, my war
1-16. his war, my war #2
1-17. crawling shadow
1-18. the loser has to fall
1-19. she decides, he decides
1-20. her sorrow, his anger
1-21. song of a tiny flower
1-22. lancer and assassin
1-23. interception
1-24. existence of shadow
1-25. what are you gonna do?
1-26. into the battle
1-27. she did not answer
1-28. with or against
1-29. fears and hopes
1-30. now I’m back
1-31. for the butterfly
1-32. avant-title
1-33. you have to choose your future
1-34. small talk, with my brother
1-35. in the passing train
1-36. hurrying to the library
1-37. you shouldn’t have come here all alone
1-38. something I can do
1-39. she is her Hero
1-40. what she was hiding
1-41. the butterfly emerge
1-42. she’s made up her mind
1-43. he still can’t choose his future
1-44. let’s go home together
1-45. I will be her Hero
1-46. what he has believed
1-47. there is a crack
1-48. he goes, she goes
1-49. the outbreak of war
1-50. she rules the battlefield
1-51. come on, make your move
1-52. He comes back again and again
1-53. what else, we can do?
1-54. despair and hope
1-55. petals and butterfly
1-56. in a gentle world
1-57. my stomach is rumbling!
1-58. some sweet candies
1-59. and another dinner
1-60. spreading disaster
1-61. gloomy tension
1-62. bad dream, sad future
1-63. an invitation from the old man
1-64. can you save her?
1-65. the song we once sang
1-66. a tiny flower in my dream
1-67. I will face my fate
1-68. the lost butterfly
1-69. she is no longer here
1-70. the butterfly flutters
1-71. that won’t do
1-72. in early spring
1-73. what happiness is
1-74. to the castle
1-75. you don’t have to act tough
1-76. and he came back again
1-77. despair was pleasure
1-78. I kill and I give life
1-79. why I fight ~EMIYA~ spring song 2020 ver.
1-80. defeat him and protect her
1-81. we still have to go
1-82. she tells about the Holy Grail
1-83. in the basement
1-84. the tale of the Holy Grail
1-85. soon I will come to you
1-86. I am all right
1-87. once we were here together
1-88. the gatekeeper
1-89. she holds the black holy sword
1-90. the four rings
1-91. she came to save you
1-92. you were always brilliant
1-93. her hatred
1-94. memory of a card game
1-95. are you still telling me to live?
1-96. I’ll protect you from everything
1-97. he tells about love
1-98. good or evil
1-99. no way to back out~I ask you, my foe
1-100. I will show you a miracle
1-101. searching for you
1-102. spring has come

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